Ways To Check Tightness Of Tennis String

Many people are huge fan of tennis; however among them some like to play tennis, while others like to watch the tennis game. For the players, there is one troublesome thing and that is the string. If the strings of the tennis racquet are losing, there are high probabilities of breaking. Therefore, the strings must be tighter. The tightness of the strings in the tennis racquet determines he control that you could have on the game. Though you tension with the tennis racquet is reduced, the power to play the game would increase substantially. While buying the tennis racquet, you should check the thickness or the gauge of strings, along with the design of the string pattern. Generally, the tension of the strings of the racquet increases when you have restringed the racquet. Let us have a look at some ways to check the strings tightness.


You can check out the tension of the string by using the Gamma tester. It is a handy device and works after the main string is joined from the two points by twisting the string in the center. The centre of the string shall tell you about the control or the tension of the strings in the racquet. With Gamma Sports, you can test around 10 major strings and interpret a mean or the average of the string tension. This way is not only easy but effective as well.

There is one more device that would help you in finding out the tightness or the stiffness of the strings in a racquet, it I known as a String meter. This is basically registered with a company and no other company can copy its features. This device works in a similar way as does the Gamma tester. It has 2 pins and a twist in order to measure the tension between the individual strings. Usually, there is a gauge by which you can restring the racquet anytime you wish to.

The best device to check out the tension between the strings is an application of the iPhone. Many of them do not know about this, as it is the latest technique. This iPhone application is called as racquetTune. You can find it easily either at the app for betting on sports store of the iPhone or at some specific online website. When you tap it along the racquet few times, it would show you the result. It makes use of the sound system to read the result- that is the tension between the strings of the racquet.

You can get all the above mentioned options at any tennis store, provided they sell them. You can any additional information about the devices too at those shops. These devices are very helpful, and would keep you alert whenever the strings of the racket gets lose. Generally, there is one common rule that you need to follow, it is that you have to restring your racquet each week without fail.

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